DropUpload: Open-Source FTP Client For Windows

DropUpload is an open-source FTP client, that provides you with a simple interface that lets you drag and drop file uploads to any folder on your FTP server.

It is a very light, simple and robust utility which manages your uploads in the way of a spooler. It can even run from an USB device.

The best feature of DropUpload is that it doesn’t require any installation. All you have to do is copy the EXE file, double click it and it’s ready! It will easily run from an USB device when copied to it. You can create as many servers as you wish. They will appear in a combo box at the top of the window of DropUpload.

All you have to do is select a server, and drop your file in the central rectangle. The file will be added to the spool list and the upload will start as soon as possible, accordingly to your connection and server availabilities.


Download DropUpload

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  • its looking mroe like a portable app, every one loves opensource so i do will give it a try