Simple and Secure Screen-Sharing With Crossloop

by on July 27, 2008
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CrossLoop: Simple and Secure Screen-Sharing

If you are looking for a great screen-sharing application, I would recommend you to try out CrossLoop. It is a simple, yet powerful screen sharing software which is very easy to use and helps you connect and share PCs anywhere across the world.

CrossLoop makes it easier to connect with friends across different network environments and help them by taking control of their keyboard and mouse. This is one of the most trusted and secure ways to share PCs and make money by helping others with their computer-related problems. CrossLoop also helps you promote your expertise.

Now let’s see how CrossLoop is so secure and offers the easiest way to connect PCs. Download and install CrossLoop from it’s website.


Once installed, you will be asked to create an account. Login with that account and you will see the following window with two tabs: Access and Share

When you want to help someone, you ask for the Access Code from your friend (found in the Share tab) which can be shared though IM or phone. Once you get the code, enter it in the Access Code field in Access tab and press the Connect button to take control of your friend’s PC. The same goes for sharing, you need to give the access code to your friend and he connects to your PC using this code. Once connected, CrossLoop also provides the feature of file sharing between both the connected PCs.

All CrossLoop sessions are secured by 128-bit encryption algorithm, because it randomly generates the 12 digit access code every time you open CrossLoop. And remember, each code has only 2 minutes of time to get connected.

In short, Access is used when you are helping someone and Share is used when you need help from your friend.

Make Money

If you think you are a tech-guru and can solve other people’s problems, CrossLoop provides you with the opportunity to help others, polish your skills and make money. You can upgrade to the Helper account for free, after that your profile will be showcased in the marketplace

CrossLoop: Simple and Secure Screen-Sharing

Since they have integrated PayPal, making money is much easier now. You only have to press the big Edit Profile button, and enter your PayPal email in the appropriate field. Then you’ll get a Send Payment tab on your profile from where people can send you payments.


CrossLoop also provides you with badges which could be used to promote your expertise around the web i.e blogs, websites, through emails and social networking profiles.

CrossLoop: Simple and Secure Screen-Sharing

PC Requirements

CrossLoop does not have any special requirements and can be easily run on a budget PC. All you need is Windows 2000, XP or Vista, 128MB RAM or greater, 2 MB hard disk space and a broadband Internet connection.

CrossLoop is definitely worth a try due to its features and ease of use and offers the best in screen-sharing you would ever want. You can visit their blog for more info.

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