5 Windows 7 (Seven) Transformation Packs

Since the first fake Windows Seven screenshots got on the Internet, people have been eagerly waiting for transformation packs to transform their current Windows XP or Vista to look like Windows 7, as shown in those screenshots.

Here’s a list of five Windows Seven transformation packs that you can use. 4 packs are for Windows XP users, and 1 is for Vista.

Vienna 2.5

Download (Mirror)

NSFormation Pack 1.0

Download (Mirror)

Vienna Transformation Pack v1

Download (Mirror)

HFN Windows Transformation Pack


Windows 7 Transformation Pack for Vista

Download (Mirror)

Alternatively, you can also try the Windows 7 theme for XP and Vista.

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  • nice share haris but i hope it will not mess up windows xp and you can uninstall it without any problem?

  • Does any of them work on xp sp3?

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  • i think all of these transformation pack work on xp sp3 :)

  • oh n ice haris nice post you covered almost all TP of windows 7 good one

  • I think it will be better to create a restore point before applying any of them.

  • i agree with you madhur because i remember last time when i installed the vista transformation pack, it messed everything up … :(

  • venkatx5

    I tried Vista Transformation Packs Version 7 and 8 in Windows XP SP3. But installation screen itself not coming properly. I un-installed Windows XP SP3. It’s not allowing Transformation packs and even Style XP.

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  • kikay

    HFN transformation pack is a FAKE SCREENSHOT!!!

    hai that screen shot disappointed me alot when i downloaded it…
    im waiting for its taskbar but when i downloaded it, i cant see the visual style hais…..

    such a clever shot…

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  • I don’t trust any Transformation pack at this page expect Windows 7 Transformation Pack for Vista cause for the XP nothing is same with Window 7 !! but if find carefully you could find the “real” one for XP

  • dnge


  • Supertaeh