Orca Browser: A Firefox 3 Based Browser

by on July 23, 2008
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Orca Browser

Orca Browser is another web browser, after Flock that is based on Firefox 3 engine and offers a bunch of features that are not found in Firefox 3 unless you don’t add add-ons and tweak your browser settings.

It is an extremely fast and user friendly web browser by Avant Browser team, designed to add more functions on the latest Firefox. First thing after installation you will notice its speed, which is definitely faster than Firefox 3 and Opera 9.5.

Orca Browser has some really unique features that ar not found in any other browser. It features a service that lets you save your passwords, bookmarks, RSS feeds and other configuration settings online which allows you to sync your data between multiple computers running Orca. Its Options look quite confusing because it provides access to several functions that are only available in the about:config dialog in Firefox.

The layout is much cleaner and slimmer than Firefox 3, with built-in features like ad blockers, mouse gestures and auto-filling forms. It is extremely customizable and comes with 20 preloaded themes that can you can use to change its colour scheme.

The only problem I saw in this browser is that it does not support Firefox addons and comes for Windows OS only.

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  • looks gud…will try it thanks

  • y.khaleel saheb

    i want to download this orca browser.please help me.

  • oli_ilo

    well, i will try it then.