Photos and Videos Sharing with Memeo Share

Memeo Share

Memeo Share is the latest software that offers the easiest photo and video sharing and makes it sharing with friends and family easy as pie!

You can now send high-quality photos and videos to your selected friends and family members (sharing circle) without opening your browser and drop those files right on to their desktops. It’s live streaming or sharing from your computer’s desktop to the other person’s.

Once you add a folder location in the software, all you have to do is put some photos in that folder, and watch them automatically being uploaded on the web.


  • Create sharing circles with friends and family
  • Send high quality photos and videos directly to your sharing circle’s computer desktop.
  • It’s automatic. No babysitting uploads or downloads.
  • Free your photos from sharing websites and use them as you want.

Sharing digital content was never this easy!

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