Cryptex Phone Concept: Twist Dials To Use

by on July 20, 2008
in Design, Gadgets

Cryptex Phone Concept

Here’s an interesting concept design for a cell phone that has been designed by March Schomann. This Cryptex phone concept features only a rotatable dial and the entire functionality of this phone works on it.

This phone uses haptic technology to provide physical feedback whenever you make a call. If you want to turn the phone on, twist any dial. To make a call, twist the number dials one by one. This phone has no display screen or buttons. Just a dial that will make you break your wrist while dialing a long international number. It even has vibration, that will be liked by many people.

Word from the designer:

You turn the dial of every element to the desired cipher. If you entered the number you turn the first segment “to phone” (green LED). If you want to hang up the call you turn the first segment to “hang up” (red LED). The phone works without buttons and without a display and based on the old dial phones.

Overall, I like the concept, but I won’t prefer using this when making emergency calls.

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