Send Free Phone Reminders and Alerts Using Phonevite

by on July 19, 2008
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Phonevite To Go is a beta service that allows you to record and send phonevites directly from your landline or cell phone – without touching your computer!

Using this tool, you can send free phone reminders & alerts to yourself and/or your friends (up to 25 numbers) in 3 quick, easy steps. Enter your contacts phone numbers, record the message (a microphone is required while recording directly through website) and the message will be sent to everyone.

This service is currently only available for US and Canada residents for phone reminders. But however, it is possible to record a message through a website and send it to individuals that live in the United States or Canada.

These reminders can be used when you need wake-up reminders, reminders for tasks and follow-ups, emergency alerts to the team, last minute party reminders or conference calls reminders. The best part about this service is that it is completely free to use. Homever, they also offer premium service for as low as $20 that has its own advantages.

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  • nice service i wish some sort of service is also available in our country.

  • Sreen