Google Docs Gets Templates For Professional Presentations

by on July 18, 2008
in Google

Google Docs templates

Google Docs team seems to be quite busy these days with all the new features they are adding. The latest addition to Google Docs is the Themes Directory.

The only thing that Google Docs was missing to be called a complete online office suit were themes. They are used to create presentations and are considered to be an important feature in office suites.

Now you can create professional documents, spreadsheets, and presentations in Google Docs using templates. It already has a gallery filled with over 300 templates. Template categories include Business, Calculators, Calendars & Schedules, Cards & Certificates, Letters, Presentation Designs etc.

Google Docs Template

Google Docs Template

To use a template, visit the Templates Directory or use it from “New > From template…” Gogole Apps users can also use these templates. They are currently only available in English, other languages will be added soon.

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