How Take Screenshots In iPhone and iPod Touch

by on July 17, 2008
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iPhone screenshot

The latest iPhone software 2.0 was released over the weekend which brought support for MobileMe, third-party applications (App Store) and tons of other interesting stuff.

There was another little feature that people didn’t much notice. Firmware 2.0 has the option to take screenshots of anything in your iPhone and iPod Touch 2.0.

How Take Screenshots In iPhone and iPod Touch

It’s really simple. Just follow the steps below to take screenshots in your iPhone 2.0 or iPod Touch.

1. Open whatever app you want to take the screenshot of in your iPhone or iPod Touch.

2. Now hold the Home button, and tap the Power button on top your phone.

3. Your screen should flash momentarily, and the screenshot should be saved in a new folder under Photos.

Simple, eh? Let me know if you liked this trick and has been useful to you in any way.

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  • vinholt

    Erm, doesnt work..

  • Pierre

    Thanks. It worked. Very easy…

  • Worked extremely well, very nice trick, thanks =]

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  • Yves-Marie

    it works perfectly well…
    and also with the new 3.0 OS that I have installed two days ago !!