Download PSP Firmware 4.05

by on July 16, 2008
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Download PSP firmware 4.05

The new PSP firmware 4.05 has released and is now available for download. There were rumours about it releasing in a week or so, but didn’t knew it would be out so soon!

The latest update features new new music playback visualizations and the ever-conclusive “other features” as said by the PlayStation Blog. There is nothing earth-shattering in it, it just features a couple of new visualizers, one if you happen to have a wallpaper while another is for those who don’t.

No one could still find what the “other features” are. Hopefully, this won’t cause any hardware compatibility issues.

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  • Gangsta

    Supz peepz

    If firmware 4.05 is outthan how come we cnt download it???

    Im lookin 4 a link 2 download on ur site but ther isnt any

    U guyz r LIARZ!!!!!!

  • fd


  • michael

    this firm ware will not read your iso file after uprade.

    dont upgrade

  • kj

    this is crap how do we download it

  • ddd

    There is another way to download it,get NBA live 09 and at the bottom of the UMD icon it says”PSP Update ver 4.05″and press X.


  • jeroen

    and pay 40 euro’s for a firmwire update ? Great joke dude, great joke

  • ivan

    4.05 is crap i dont now how to download bookr on to it i looked on google youtube and nothing dont download it its crap

  • Sak

    Hey my version is 5.03 and i download 4.05 from its way cool u should download it from there

  • Sak

    if it dosent work email me i got all of the firmwares i got it up to 5.03 my email is or pleasereply


    Hay gies do you now where can i download fermware so that i can copy games into my psp if you gais now how to do it mail me to