Tips To Boost iPhone 3G Signal Strength

by on July 15, 2008
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tips to boost iphone signal strength

According to recent posts on Apple Discussions, it has been revealed that some users are experiencing low signal strength with the new iPhone 3G.

The iPhone 3G automatically switches between 3G to 2G networks for voice and data connections. It should automatically switch to 2G when 3G signals are poor to allow incoming or outgoing calls, but this isn’t the case and it stays on 3G network all the time.

Tips To Boost iPhone 3G Signal Strength

Here are a few tips according iPhone Atlas that can help you get better signal on your iPhone 3G:

  • Reset iPhone
  • Reset network settings
  • Reseat your SIM card
  • Replace your SIM card
  • Attach tape to your SIM card
  • Restore the iPhone
  • Full battery recharge
  • Dock or just attach iPhone with USB cable

These are the traditional and less costly ways to improve your iPhone 3G signal quality. Other solutions include exchanging the iPhone for a new unit. Naturally, if everything else fails, it must be the device itself that’s performing poorly.

The last option you have is to buy third-party wireless signal boosters like the $250 zBoost. (A signal booster expensive than the two-year iPhone contract!)

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  • Awesome tips. I will be apply with my iPhone 3GS.

  • f you are one of those users who is facing such an issue then here are
    some iPhone tips which could help them, 1. restore the iphone 2. reset your network setting 3. place your sim card again 4. signal booster.
    mobile signal booster