Go-oo: An Alternative Office Suite By Open Office


Go-oo is an improved alternative office suite, a project by the open-source word-processing productivity suite, Open Office. It is not only faster, but has also some significant interface improvements as compared to Open Office.

Go-oo is almost the same as Open Office 2.4 in the overall features like including all the applications that makes up a complete office suite.

Base – Built-in database management

Calc – The spreadsheet editor like MS Excel

Impress – Create PowerPoint presentations with this

Writer – MS Word documents editor

Draw – Draw pictorial diagrams like flow charts, logos using this

Math – Create scientific formulas and equations

The best part about Go-oo is its in-built Open XML that supports MS Office 2007 document types i.e DOCX, XLSX and PPTX.


This open-source software suit can be downloaded for Windows and Linux based OS.

Download Go-oo Office Suite

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