iPod Touch 2.0 Firmware Direct Download From iTunes Store

iPod Touch

Yesterday, the new firmware for iPhone and iPod Touch were released. The iPhone 2.0 Firmware is available for a free download, where as you have to pay $9.95 to get the new firmware 2.0 for iPod Touch.

But here’s a surprise for everyone. iPod Touch 2.0 Firmware can now be downloaded for FREE directly from iTunes App Store. Click the magic link below (after the jump) to download it. This link will first check whether you have iTunes or not, and then redirect you to the main firmware download file. Make sure iTunes is installed!

https://phobos.apple.com/WebObjects/MZFinance.woa/wa/touchMarketingBuy? price=13990&pricingParameters=STDQ&productType=G&salableAdamId=284539283

Download before this magic link gets blocked by Apple. Time to save $10!

Enjoy, and happy upgrading!

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