How To Remove Navbar In Blogger Blogs

by on July 12, 2008
in Blogging, Google, Tips and Tricks

You see a navigation bar on the top of every blog hosted at Blogger. With this navigation bar, you can search blogs, visit the next blog, sign in or create a new account. You can even flag a blog for posting some objectionable content.

One thing I like about blogs is that they don’t display any navigation bars at the top or at the bottom, but here at they don’t provide any option to remove it. I was hoping to see an option to remove this in the latest Blogger Draft features.

But who needs them when you can manually tweak it not to display the navigation bar.

How To Remove Navbar In Blogger Blogs

1. Open your Blogger dashboard.

2. Go to your blog’s Layout settings > Edit HTML

3. Look for:

/* Variable definitions

4. And above that add:

#navbar-iframe { display: none !important; }

5. Save your settings and open your blog now. The navigation bar will be gone.

Here’s a sample blog that you can see without the navigation bar:

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