Demonoid Registrations Are Now Open

by on July 11, 2008
in Internet

Demonoid Registrations Are Open

Demonoid is one of the most popular semi-private torrent tracker that boasts of an Alexa ranking of 400. It indexes all the torrents uploaded by members, and then categorizes them as Applications, Games, Music, Movies etc.

It is an invitation-based torrent tracker that requires a free invitation from another member to signup. Once or twice a month account registrations are opened without the need of any invitation and anyone can signup for their free account.

With a registered Demonoid account, you can get to access to more than the limited 3 torrent downloads per week. As a regular torrent user I visited Demonoid today, and saw that registrations are NOW OPEN! I’m not sure how long they have been opened, so get yours as fast as you can before it closes again.

Register For a FREE Acconut Now!

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  • I have not yet have the time to try this service. Heard lots of positive news about it. Kudos for them making it free for all.

  • That’s cool thanks for the info…but i already hav an acc so no probs
    BTW I guess Demonoid blocks certain Ips…. I cant open demonoid… it shows blank pages… refreshing 5-6 times sometimes works out
    I have to login using proxies….

  • @Joel,
    Same here, I cant open it.

  • @Joel, @Nirmal: I again checked it. It’s working fine, and registrations are still open!

  • THanks, i will check it out right away

  • anyone send the invitation

  • Lewin

    hi sir …pls help me to get sign up demonoid ….so pls send me a invitation code of demonoid plss…….

  • raheel

    anyone send me demonoid invitaion

  • keychee

    Hi im looking to obtain an invitation code for demonoid. I seed daily on utorrent, and would like to seed and help others obtain the invite code for demonoid. please email me @ You WONT be disappointed!

  • ilkin

    can anyone send me a demonoid invite to please?

  • Send Me Demonoid Invitaion Please.

  • John


    i don’t know why but demonoid is the only one who has great books that you just can’t find anywhere else, i been looking for an invitation for months, can any body help me please……

    my mail is

  • Vivek

    Hi im looking to obtain an invitation code for demonoid.

    my mail is

  • mrm

    plz sene me an invitation..

    my email is…………

  • Raj

    Hey guys,
    Can some1 send me the Damenoid Invitation,,,,,,,,,,,,,
    Thanks in advance

  • paul

    please send me an invitation,ive been trying to get into demonoid for ages
    thanks in advance

    my email

  • erick

    Hey If you are offering I sure could use a demonoid invitation code!!! please send to

  • pearl

    Hi..I had visited for registration..but it says the registration is closed..can you plz help…??