TinyURL Adds Custom Alias Feature

by on July 10, 2008
in Internet


TinyURL is no doubt the most popular URL shortening service serving more than 90 million short URLs and gets around 1.5 billion hits every month. These short URLs can be used where text content is limited and you have to insert long URLs there. It shortens a long URL by splitting it into short string of characters. But these characters are quite difficult to remember and have no meanings.

TinyURL has added another new, useful feature, called custom alias, that is going to help us remember our TinyURL URLs better. Now you can have custom TinyURL domains for your long URLs i.e http://tinyurl.com/sizzledcore. You can’t use the custom name that is already being used by someone, so you betetr choose something unique or you will get something like this http://tinyurl.com/sizzledcore5u34g

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