5 Tools To Test PC Firewall Security

by on July 10, 2008
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Internet secuirty is everyone’s concern these days, and no wonder people are spending a lot on firewalls like ZoneAlarm. Well, why shouldn’t we? It is the main gateway to the Internet. It monitors all your incoming and outgoing Internet connections which are being used by different programs in your PC.

Millions of Internet users are exposed to Internet threats like worms, spywares, malwares, software vulnerabilities, viruses, PC hackers etc. thanks to poor Internet firewalls.

I’ve compiled a list of 5 tools that would be helful to you in finding out your firewall’s protection capabilities. They test your firewall for various leaks and try to bypass it using different techniques.

1. Atelier Web Firewall Tester

This application tries to test your firewall using six different techniques to gain access to the outside world. Techniques are rated according to their sophistication, and if you manage to score 10 points, that means your firewall is working fine. [Homepage]

2. PCFlank Leaktest

It is used to test any firewall’s ability to protect against unauthorized transmissions of data from a user’s computer that is connected to the Internet. It uses a special technique to impersonate another program, which your firewall has been set to trust. [Homepage]

3. Thermite

This small utility tries to directly inject a code into the process by creating an additional malicious thread within that process. If the test goes successful, that means your firewall is vulnerable to process injection. [Homepage]

4. FireHole

This tool launches your default web browser, inject its own DLL and try to establish a connection to the Internet. [Download]

5. MBtest

It sends packets directly to the network, and tries to bypass firewall. Different sizes and types of packets are sent, and if the test comes out to be a success then that means your firewall only checks high level network and doesn’t check low level. [Homepage]

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  • awesome post so helpful to check if we are secure or not

  • That’s cool, its always good to challenge your PC firewall rather than cry after it has bee compromised :)

  • Nice post buddy. Are there any similat tools to check out Anti virus too

  • Nice list man! At least there is something to test the effectiveness of those FW instead of waiting for hackers to break into your PC. Lol.

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  • Windows Defender detected firehole.exe as Trojan:win32/Meredrop. As soon i click start firehole crashes