Track Open Gmail Sessions And Remotely Sign Out

by on July 9, 2008
in Google

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Gmail team recently introduced 13 new features as Gmail Labs in Gmail, and yesterday they introduced another security and privacy feature which allows you to track your open Gmail sessions and remotely close them.

For instance, if you are at office checking your Gmail account, and urgently have to go out. You forgot to close your Gmail account and fear someone might read your private mails. Now you can remotely sign out from all your Gmail sessions, no matter how many computers it has been opened on including mobile devices.

Another feature that have been added is to track how many sessions are opened currently, and from what browser/device. It also shows the IP address of that network. This information can be quickly viewed from your Inbox’s footer.

Gmail Footer

To see more details about opened sessions, click on the Details link.

Gmail Sessions

This can come in handy when you forget to sign out from your Gmail inbox on public computers or at school.

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