Firefox Security Update Released

by on July 3, 2008
in Firefox

Mozilla team today announced Firefox, a security update for Firefox 2. It is one of the major security updates which fixes 12 security vulnerabilities, including 4 critical ones. The current Firefox browser is Firefox 3, but Mozilla will continue to offer security and stability updates until mid-December 2008. So older Firefox users who are not willing to use Firefox 3, can still enjoy Firefox 2 till December.

This update fixes four critical, four high, 2 moderate and 2 low security vulnerabilities. So I’d recommend every FF2 user to update as soon as possible. A complete list of changes made in this update can be read in the release notes. This update will be available to all current FF2 users through automatic update, but still if you want it manually, then apply it by selecting “Check for Updates…” from the Help menu.

Mozilla strongly recommends everyone to upgrade to Firefox 3, as it fixes all of these issues. So Firefox 3 is not affected by the vulnerabilities found in Firefox 2. Firefox 3.0.1, an update to Firefox 3, is scheduled to release somewhere next week. Firefox 3.1, codenamed Shiretoko, is also expected to be released in July.

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