Adobe Reader 9 Released With Flash Support

by on July 3, 2008
in Softwares

Adobe Reader 9

In June, Adobe released Acrobat 9, which had Flash support in it and allowed you to view embedded YouTube videos and or other rich media content. At that time, they said that Reader 9 would be soon released, and finally yesterday, it was released and now its available for download for free. Major changes that I saw were Flash support, and faster loading times. Yes, I wanted it to be faster because it takes ages to load.

Other features include:

  • Real-time zooming and panning
  • Portfolios enable you to work with materials like email messages, spreadsheets, videos as a single file, and drawings.
  • As mentioned, Native Adobe Flash support
  • Easy access to
  • New digital signature functionality

Currently, Adobe Reader 9 is only available for Windows and Mac.

Download Adobe Reader 9


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