WordPress 2.6 Beta 2 Released

by on July 2, 2008
in WordPress

The latest beta version of WordPress 2.6 has been released. Ryan Boren announced earlier today about WordPress 2.6 Beta 2 being released to public today. This beta release is all about bug fixes and improvements, because all the new features that are supposed to be in the final WP 2.6, were introduced in Beta 1, so this time they focused on improving them, rather than adding any new features.

What’s new in WP 2.6 Beta 2?

  • Insert image and edit image fixes
  • SSL fixes
  • i18n fixes
  • Lots of new inline documentation
  • Improved tag auto-suggest
  • TinyMCE 3.1.1 with Opera 9.5 and Safari fixes, proper align = center removal, and improved embeds support
  • jQuery UI 1.5.1

The final version of WP 2.6 is scheduled to release on Monday, if not then you can expect it to be released on July 14th.


Download WordPress 2.6 Beta 2

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  • I hope this will further improve the 2.5 version,…… but i am not downloading it right now…. i would download the stable version when it releases.


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