June 08 – Blog Roundup

This month has been the best of best months ever for me! Well, that’s because I got on Digg’s front page for the first time and was a big achievement for me. Plus my traffic has gone up with better Search Engine Ranking Position and got me tons of link backs, and now I’m expecting a PR5 in the next PR update by Google. Even with a Digg effect, I still got more visitors from search engines. Here’s a mini-report of Sizzled Core’s statistics for the month of June.

Blog Traffic:

Unique Visitors: 172,784
Pageviews:  369,465
New Visits: 89.39%

Traffic Source


AdSense: $790
Kontera: $62

Total: $852

You can compare these stats with my May stats.

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  • cool!! how’d u got the digg effect :O

  • Woow Haris, This is really Exponential Growth i suppose this month its Double Traffic you got.

  • Great achievement Haris! Getting on a Digg frontpage is surely a big one! Which article, I guess?

  • Yeah, congrats on your awesome success!
    Btw, which article reached the digg frontpage?

  • Good achievements. Congrats and all the best for future.

  • Congrats man. All the best for the future.

  • Cool