Updates From My Friends Gets More In Orkut

by on June 26, 2008
in Internet, Social Networks

The month of June seems to be very busy for Orkut. They are releasing a new feature every week. First, they started off with Orkut themes, then photo-tagging and status update features and two days ago, they added the ability for users to customize their profiles by drag and drop. Features sound more like Facebook-ish, right? That’s what they have been doing!

Another Facebook-alike feature they have added is that you are now able to see your friend’s status updates in Updates From My Friends on your homepage. As Priya Mandawat said on the orkut Blog:

Now you can tell your friends what you are doing or how you’re feeling right this minute by changing your status message on your profile and letting it show up in your friends’ homepages.

Updates From My Friends already shows everything from new photos and videos that your friends upload, to testimonials they receive, to changes they make on their profiles.

If you don’t want your friends to see your updates, you can turn it off from your Privacy Settings. And if you don’t what to see anyone else’s updates, you can select the “don’t show updates from my friends” option.

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  • google is keep improving orkut and trying to compete with facebook and myspace
    but facebook is really wonderful as compare to others
    facebook rocks

  • masoud123


  • hi

  • hello how r u

  • gautam

    my name is gautam singh.iam an engineering student and frm many days iam just trying to change my orkut theme but i can’t…so can u help me to get change my orkut theme

  • gaurav

    yesterday i change my orkut theme. but new theme only shown on my pc and if i oparate anoyher pc my new theme not shown..plz solve my provlem as soon as u can.

  • sanjoy

    I am also seeing similar problem as mentioned by gautam and gaurav.
    What ever updates I am making to my profile are not seen by my friends in their ‘updates from my friends’ tab.
    I have already checked the setting > privecy : the setting is correct.. I have already selected ‘show updates to my friends’
    Please suggest what else can be the problem.

  • plz tell me how 2 download plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…………………

  • varun

    Hi i just try to download orkut themes but i can’t download it. i did all what u written in ur site okay. i downloaded greasemonkey to. still i can’t see any themes in my desktop or else my orkut themes. could u plz help me in this.