Hide Or Show Desktop Icons In A Click

Icon HiderIcon Hider is a free tool that allows you to hide or show your desktop icons in a click. Once this little application is executed, it sits in your taskbar and with a single click on its icon, you hide all your icons and shortcuts, and in another click restore them back. It does the job instantly without any flashing, or messing up the arrangement of your icons.

There are three ways in which you can hide/show your desktop icons.

  1. Click the tray icon
  2. Right-click the tray icon for hide/show icons menu
  3. Press Ctrl + 1

It requires no installation and is only 11 KB in size. All you have to do is extract, and run the EXE file. Don’t forget to read the readme.txt for more info.

Download Icon Hider 0.1

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  • Quite useful utility, but I don’t add desktop icons and prefer to use rocketdock which is much more better :)

  • Anirudh

    It’s been ages since I used xp, but doesen’t it have a “hide desktop icons” feature already? in the right click menu on the desktop somewhere.

    And I personally don’t remember what my desktop looks like :)