Customize Orkut Profile Page By Drag And Drop

After a long break, Orkut seems to be all fired up by shooting new features in last few weeks like theme support, photo-tagging and status-updates. Of course, we could all notice what they are doing, by blindly copying Facebook features, and today, they have again added a new Facebook-copied feature which allows you to customize your Orkut profile page by drag and drop.

You can change the look of your profile by re-arranging the various profile page elements (like photos, videos, testimonials etc.) by drag and drop. Below you can see me moving My Recent Videos over My recent Pictures.

Orkut Profile drag and drop

According to the official blog, this drag and drop feature will help you manage your applications boxes more efficiently as explained by Adam Winer:

  1. Reorganize your profile page with drag-and-drop: Simply click on any of the applications or showcases (photos, videos, and testimonials) on your profile page and drag them around until they are just as you’d like. The new layout of your profile page will automatically be saved, so your profile visitors will see everything just as you want it.
  2. Put as many or as few applications on your profile as you want. Until now, you were able to display up to three applications on your profile, and some of you wanted to show more. Now, when you add an application, you can choose whether or not you want it on your profile. Just select or unselect the “Add to my profile” box above the big “Add Application” button. You can change this any time with the “tool” button in the upper-right corner of the application.

Changes made to your profile are automatically saved. This looks like a smart move for Orkut, but no matter what they try, they can never become Facebook!

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