Facebook For China Launched

Facebook for China has finally been launched today! It was in news for sometime now, but the exact date of its launch wasn’t known or announced. Mark Zuckerberg was planning this, because last year they registered Facebook.cn which redirected to Facebook.com. Xiaonei, a China-based Facebook rip-off, is already one of the most popular social networks in China, but looks like their good times are now about to end with Facebook launching there.

Facebook China

Other popular Chinese social-networks include 51.com and Qzone, which already have millions of users. China-based Facebook visitors are automatically directed to a version with support for simplified Chinese. Support for traditional Chinese is available as well. But however, the Developers page is still in English-language. Facebook, at the moment, looks most interested in Western developers only.

Facebook has still a long way to go in the market as MySpace was launched in China in April 2007 and have worked on it since then.


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