Defrag Individual Files With Defraggler

by on June 22, 2008
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Defraggler - Defrag files

Piriform brings us another useful free utility for our daily use called Defraggler. It is the same company that also brought tools like CCleaner and Recuva. What makes it different from other defrag tools is that it allows you to easily defrag files individually, without having to process the whole drive. This makes the task easier, and way faster than the default Disk Defragmenter in Windows OS.


  • Defrag individual files
  • Compact and portable
  • Locate files on the drive
  • Vista compatible

For more details on these features, click here.

It is recommended that you use it for personal-testing only because currently it is in beta stage and may contain bugs.


Download Defraggler 1.0 RC2

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  • I had tried this earlier and found its performance to be average compared to perfect disk(to be fare it is a free product).
    Perfect Disk also allows you to defrag individual files and does a better job at optimization.

  • Starchief

    It’s not automatic. No point sticking with the obsolete manual or scheduled defraggers; automatic defrag is much better and more effective. I use a fully automatic third party (commercial) defragger, and it defrags all 4 drives automatically when required, in the background in real-time using free system resources. I never have to worry about defragging, and fragmentation is minimum on all the drives whenever I check on them.

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