Yahoo! Mail Gets New Ymail and Rocketmail Domains

by on June 20, 2008
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Yahoo logoYahoo still continues its on-going attempt to stop users from moving to other email providers, like Gmail, and is working hard to keep its existing ones loyal to them. To improve their mail service, Yahoo! Mail has added two new email domains, Ymail and Rocketmail. Currently, both and are pointing to Yahoo! Mail, but users will be able to create accounts on these domains after 12PM (Pacific).


If you were looking for an email username on domain, but wasn’t able to make one because it was already taken, now you can try getting that same username on or on I would prefer as it is short like

Yahoo thinks,

adding new domains is intended to let users who have outgrown or never really liked their email addresses to have chances at better choices.

Yahoo! accquired RocketMail in 1997 and used their technology to power Yahoo! Mail. Yahoo! Mail is already a very popular web-based mail service and has a user base of 266 million around the world.

Update: New domains are live now!

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