Plugin 1.0 For IE Released Plugin for IE has officially released the bookmarks browser plugin for Internet Explorer users and is now available for download. Earlier, it was only released for the open-source web-browser, Firefox. And later in May, a Beta version of the browser plugin was released for the Internet Explorer users to get feedback and improve the quality of their tagging and bookmarking features from IE.

With this plugin, you can easily integrate your bookmarks into IE, and easily search, sort, and view your bookmarks. It automatically syncs your bookamrks from your account throughout the day, so you can always have the updated list in your computer.

Apart from having all the features of the Firefox version, they have introduced some new features in the IE addon. It is compatible with Windows XP and Vista. And supports IE6, IE7 and IE8. However, IE8 users might have some issues with the plugin as the browser is still in development.

Download Plugin for Internet Explorer

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