Google Saree By Indian Designer, Satya Paul

by on June 19, 2008
in Design, Google, Humour, Pictures

Saree, is a traditional desi attire, usually found in India, Pakistan etc. Satya Paul, has designed a Saree which features a Google logo (atually it’s Ooogle, maybe to prevent any trademark issues with Google) and some search results. God knows, what search term he used for the print (I can only spot the word Art). He adopted this strategy to promote his product because by incorporating a big brand name, he can easily market his product for free.

Google Saree

Anyone planning to gift this to their girlfriends?


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  • Sheesh…. that’s ma girlfriend :-o What the hell is she doing with sarees… !!

  • It really looks wied if not fugly.

  • R.C.

    Rockstar Sid:

    Your girlfriend?

    How odd. I was about to say, “Hey, isn’t that that cross-dresser I saw on the corner at Little Five Points last Saturday?” :-D

  • Cool sari!

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  • Surya

    fine and good…………..seems to be wonderful

  • Wellness

    Is it Neha Dhupia the model?

  • Where do i find this saree, i will hope to gift somebody then.

  • Ashokpai

    google for it. lols!

  • Ashokpai

    but seriously, making a fashion statement with this is a bit of a stretch. i find most indian fashion designers lame and trying too hard to stand out and make news all the time. as it is I find the italian or the best designer going beyond logic, aah, but then fashion is meant to be a elite thing!

  • where do i find my keyword in this search engine?

  • Ifhamkhans

     No somebody else