Microsoft IE Team Sends A Cake To Firefox Team

by on June 18, 2008
in Firefox, Humour, Microsoft

There is still an hour left before the Download Day finishes and Firefox 3 has already been downloaded over 7.4 million times (at the time of writing this post)! Today morning, the Internet Explorer team from Microsoft sent a fancy looking cake for the Mozilla Firefox team to Mozilla’s Mountain View headquarters to join the celebration of the Firefox 3 release. Wasn’t that sweet of IE?

Here are the two images I found via Flickr:

Firefox 3 cake

Firefox 3 cake

This did not surprise Mozilla at all because the IE team did the same on Firefox 2’s release. This one looks yummy with chocolate :)

Firefox 2 cake

Later it was revealed that the Mozilla team kept the IE logo piece frozen since then!

I wish the Mozilla team a hearty congratulation on their succes with Firefox 3! Just make sure that the cake wasn’t poisoned :P

Via Mozilla Links (for the news) & Techie-Buzz (for the Flickr link)

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  • IE is not at all happy.. they must have put poison in the cake :-) :-)