Download Google Toolbar 3.1 For Firefox 3

by on June 16, 2008
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Google Toolbar for Firefox 3

Google has finally released a new version of Google Toolbar, which is now compatible with Firefox 3. This updated toolbar contains no new features, except that it now works with Firefox 3 and they have tweaked the search box a bit. Google Toolbar 3.1 can be downloaded for here or if you are on IE and would like to try out Firefox along with Google Toolbar, then download from here. Google Toolbar 5 Beta is currently only available for IE.

Firefox 3 is due to officially release tomorrow on June 17th, and Mozilla might even make a world record for most downloaded application in 24 hours. Or you can download Firefox 3 RC3 if you would like to see what the final version will look like.

Download Google Toolbar 3.1 for Firefox 3

Download Mozilla Firefox with Google Toolbar

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  • Brian

    Finally!! :D

  • I’d rather stick to my current google toolbar i’ll update when it gets a few more customizations :D.