Microsoft Videos Beta Launched

by on June 15, 2008
in Internet, Microsoft

Microsoft Videos logoMicrosoft has recently launched their own video site called Microsoft Videos, which allows you to watch rich media from Microsoft. The site’s tagline says, discover and watch Microsoft’s collection of online video. This site is still in beta. You can look for latest videos from their Quick Picks, search for videos or choose from the video categories. To use the player on the site, you will need to install the Microsoft Silverlight plugin which is availabe for free download.

Microsoft Videos

You can embed videos on other sites, email or Digg them. At the moment, it only has U.S. content because it’s still in its early stages. But in the coming months they’ll be adding videos from Microsoft subsidiaries around the world. Stay tuned for more updates on Microsoft Videos.

Try Microsoft Videos Beta

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  • Everyday Internet is growing bigger and huge companies invent new things to enhance their goals..Microsoft launch of Microsoft videos just shows their quest to create more products in the Internet world..