How To Add More Slots In Opera Speed Dial

by on June 15, 2008
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Opera 9.5 logoOpera is no doubt one of the fastest, and most powerful web browser available. Of course, Firefox is still my favourite browser, but we can’t put Opera behind. It uses only 20MB of memory as compared to Firefox’s 60MB memory consumption. One of the best features and first of its kind in Opera is the Speed Dial feature. It was introduced back in April 2007, in Opera 9.2. It lets you visit your favourite and most-visited sites quickly with a mouse-click.

In earlier versions of Opera, it wasn’t possible to edit the number of slots but with the latest release, it is now possible using a very simple hack, thanks to Opera Watch.

How To Add More Slots In Opera Speed Dial

Follow the instructions below to add more slots in your Opera speed dial. Make sure you have at least one site already added in your speed dial.

1. Note the path to your Opera Preferences (type about:opera into the address bar).

2. Close Opera now. This is important to prevent Opera from modifying the configuration file we’re about to edit.

3. Now go to your Opera Preferences directory, and open speedial.ini in any text editor.

4. Add the following lines and adjust number of rows & columns to your requirement.


If you use widescreen monitor, increase number of columns.

5. Start Opera.

Opera Speed Dial

The number of rows and columns depends on your screen size, so you’ll have to play to find out what will suit you. I hope you have enjoyed this trick and will come back for more.

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  • Sexy… Just what I wanted !!

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  • Cool tip.
    Yesterday itself I downloaded Opera 9.5. Yes it is faster.
    And this is a cool tip. I already consumed my given slots.

  • Peter Jaap

    Note: when using the OperaLink (synchronization feature, added since Kestrel) Opera only synchronizes the first 9 speeddials.

  • cool tip..buddy

  • nice tip dude, i was looking for this tip in older opera versions, and when i ask in official opera irc channel they tell me that this tip isn’t possible, but in this new 9.5 version it’s possible thanks to you ;)

  • Marko Zeljkovic

    in opera 9.6 there is only speeddial_default.ini and when i add ex: [Size]

    when i open opera its still 3×3 :(

    is this feature available only in 9.5?

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