Voice Chat Soon Between Google Talk & Yahoo!

by on June 14, 2008
in Google, Internet, Softwares, Yahoo

You must have read about the latest talks about Yahoo declining Microsoft’s offer, and partnering with Google for an advertising deal. But its not all about advertising. They are also connecting their popular IM clients, Google Talk by Google and Yahoo! Messenger by Yahoo! As part of the deal, you will also be able to enjoy voice-chatting feature between Google Talk Yahoo! Messenger users.

Google Yahoo logo

No more third-party hacks will be required to chat with Yahoo Messenger friends using Google Talk. And as Yahoo Messenger is already partnered with Microsoft for Windows Live Messenger, a Yahoo-Google Talk deal is going to add more points to its value.

According to Google’s press-release:

“Yahoo! and Google agreed to enable interoperability between their respective instant messaging services bringing easier and broader communication to users.”


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  • Wow This is really good news no need to keep login in both, Gtalk and Y! Messenger

  • Brain

    Thank God!!! Love Google, hate Yahoo. I currently use Pidgin to maintain communications between the two IM services, and it works well, but I’d much rather just have GTalk. Look forward to it.

  • Thats good news was getting annoyed by login on both the messengers now i’ll only use Google Talk because its light and fast.

  • This is the only thing good in the google-yahoo deal.
    The deal is suicidal for yahoo.. but atleast while yahoo is alive I would be able to chat with folks using WLM as well as G!Talk.