How To Get Ctrl + Tab Feature In Firefox 3

by on June 14, 2008
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Now you can add tab-switching feature in Firefox 3, which is just like the Window switching (Alt + Tab) feature in most Operating Systems. Ctrl – Tab is an extension which does this job very efficiently and switching tabs in Firefox was never this much fun. This is a visual tab switching addon and can switch tabs just like pressing Alt + Tab in Windows. It shows thumbnails of websites that are opened in your tabs.

How To Get Ctrl + Tab Feature In Firefox 3

The order of visual preview tabs depend on their use in Firefox, and you can switch between tabs by releasing Tab and pressing it again to move to the next preview (Ctrl should be kept pressed). Or if you would like to quickly go through it, keep holding the Tab and Ctrl keys.

I’m really enjoying this addon in Firefox 3 and would recommend you all to give it a try too.

NOTE: This extension is not yet updated for Firefox 3 RC3 so, you will have to force install it.

Download Ctrl – Tab

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  • Cool stuff… installed in my firefox browser.. I hope it doesnt irritate me :-)

    Thanks haris..

  • Nice feature for a much more faster browsing.Installing it hope it wont disappoint me. :)

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  • Cool add on, I had to disable the Ctrl-Tab browses in recent order feature of tab mixer plus for the Ctrl-tab function to work.