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by on June 14, 2008
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Google has finally added the much-requested feature in Google Docs, PDF documents support. Just a few days ago, Google announced that soon users will be able to upload, read and share PDF documents in Google Docs, and lo! It’s here! But the bad part is, you can only upload, read and share PDF documents. I mean, editing PDF files is not yet supported by Google Docs, and is expected to be added later.

Google Docs

Uploading a PDF document is simple as cake (they don’t offer anything to eat, though!). Just go to the Google Docs homepage, and click Upload. The maximum size you can upload from your computer is 10MB and and from web URL is 2MB.

This feature is really going to get popular on Google Docs as it was the most-requested feature to be added. Google Docs is already a very popular source for sharing documents with others.

Some bad things about Google Docs:

  • PDF’s that are protected cannot be searched and cannot have the text highlighted.
  • While searching for documents using Google Docs search, PDF file support is not added yet.
  • Thumbnail sidebar can’t be collapsed, which is especially painful for anyone with a small screen.

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  • This is really good news! PDF is one of the most important formats so it is really a need for all of us.