MySpace Is Getting Redesigned Layout

by on June 13, 2008
in General, Internet, Pictures, Web 2.0

MySpace logoMySpace is one of the ugliest, and for some reason, the most popular social networks nowadays. The irony about this is that a bad and a cluttered site design should inhibit user experience, yet this does not affect it in any way. Myspace, a Los Angles based social network, now joined with Facebook will be redesigning its site next week. The first phase will launch on Wednesday June 18.

Five major areas of the site will come under this redesigning: homepage, navigation, profile editor, search and the MySpaceTV Flash player. I have been able to get some images (below) of the new design, courtesy of TechCrunch.

MySapce New Design 1MySapce New Design 2MySapce New Design 3MySapce New Design 4MySapce New Design 5MySapce New Design 6

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  • The new makeover for Myspace is veru exquisite indeed.They have promoted simpler and cleaner themes as allways.Thanks for the info.

  • I am yet to create an account on MySpace. Maybe i should do it now.