DashPress: WordPress Theme Under Development

by on June 12, 2008
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Sizzled Core New Theme

On WordPress’ birthday, I published a screenshot of my upcoming WordPress theme, which will be based on the new Dashboard theme of WordPress. I’m actually a big WordPress fan, and wanted to use a theme like the dashboard. But unfortunately, I didn’t found any and ended up in making one my own. The theme is very simple and clear in design and offers fresh colours that don’t go hard on eyes. Since the past few days, lots of changes have been made in it. I’m still experimenting with better fonts to match it exactly with the default Dashboard theme.

I’ve decided to name it DashPress (Dash for Dashboard, and Press for WordPress) after much brainstorming. I’ll be releasing it in a couple of weeks (or may be earlier) since I’ve got lots of other work to do as well these days. I’d suggest you to subscribe to my RSS feed to know about the latest updates on the theme.

I’ve set up a demo site for everyone to test and see what the theme will be like and let me know what you think about it. This will be my very first theme, and will be my first attempt to come out with something like this using CSS. I used trial and error method to make this theme. I’m still trying to fix as many bugs as I can. Any help, suggestions or feedback would be highly appreciated.

Demo Site: http://www.sizzledcore.com/demo/

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  • Defiantly Much Organized Theme & Eye caching but one concern, In case you need to post a image in your post you will get very less space.

  • Justin

    Can you not view the source to find the font you want?

    If not, this site should work wonders for you:


    Can figure out the font used based off an image of the font.

  • Use “Lucida Grande” for first priority and “Lucida San Unicode” for second priority. For example:

    font: ‘Lucida Grande’, ‘Lucida San Unicode’, ‘Lucida San’, Verdana, Arial, sans-serif;

    Hope this will help you out. ;)


    Myo Kyaw Htun

  • @Justin:
    Ahh.. Thanks a lot. I hope that solves the problem.

    @Myo Kyaw Htun:
    That’s really helpful. I’ll try that and update the demo soon.

  • A great looking theme buddy. You can try to include some other coloring schemes too.

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  • Great looking theme very similar to one I have released myself!

    I can see this theme being just as popular as Word Press’d.

    All the best!


  • Ping back from Techiesouls.com :)
    beautiful theme by the way

  • Hmm … even this happens.

  • joe

    is this theme still under development?

  • Hm that sounds good but I would like to know more details.

  • Your news is a cool stuff man, keep it going.

  • That’s good man, keep it going.

  • Timo

    Is this project still alive? I'm looking for a theme like this. Your demosite isn't available.

  • Tarikbarraj

    how i can get this theme ?

  • cameron

    I was wondering of this project is at all going. I would like to download or purchase this theme. thank you.