How To Get Opera Speed Dial In Firefox

by on June 11, 2008
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Back in April 2007, Opera released Opera 9.2 which had a very interesting feature called Speed Dial. It lets you visit your favourite and most websites quickly from a grid of 9 thumbnails and opens up whenever you open a new tab or window. Many people wanted Mozilla to add this feature in Firefox 3, but wasn’t due to some reasons. There is no need to get disappointed, because now you can add the same feature in Firefox also.

Firefox Speed Dial

Speed Dial is a Firefox extension developed by Josep del Rio that brings the same functionality to Firefox. With this, you can easily and quickly access your favourite and most websites. After installing this extension, you can open Speed Dial by two methods. By using the Speed Dial button beside the search box (screenshot above), or by entering chrome://speeddial/content in the address bar.

You can assign websites to Speed Dial by using any of the following two methods:

  • Use the new “Set as Speed Dial” option in the bookmarks menu
  • Right click on a tab, and choose “Set as Speed Dial”

Speed Dial automatically loads in new Firefox windows, but can be set to open in every new tab like in Opera.


Firefox 2.0* – 3.0*


Download Speed Dial

Download Mozilla Firefox

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  • Actually This is a pretty old plugin, good that it supports FF3. I had used this before.

  • Yupe,Nirmal Bhai is right.. this is a old plugin.I used 1 year ago,also their is a website which provides speed dialing (don’t remember web sites whenever i need them :-( ) like opera..

  • @Nirmal:
    Looks like I must have missed it while I was on an exams break.

    My bookmarks database would be of several MBs now. I bookmark whatever site I find interesting.