FeedBurner Is Getting New Home

FeedBurner On Google Account

FeedBurner announced back in April, that all FeedBurner users will be migrated to Google Accounts. But the interesting part is, that Google will no longer use feedburner.com as their home or in the feed URLs. Their new home will be feedburner.google.com, a site that announces you can use FeedBurner to “analyze, publicize, optimize, and monetize your feeds”. At the moment, you can’t login or create new accounts at the new home, but this will start working once the migration process gets started.

The feeds hosted at FeedBurner will be moved the new FeedBurner URL like this: http://feeds.feedburner.com/name to http://feeds.feedburner.google.com/name, as you can see for this feed.

I personally don’t like the new URL, because it’s quite long. I hope they allow us to use both the URLs or this migration would break all the feeds.feedburner.com/name feeds.

[Via GoogleOperatingSystem]

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