Opera 9.5 Release Candidate Released

by on June 11, 2008
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Opera has announced that they will soon be releasing the final version of Opera 9.5. Yesterday, they released the release candidate (RC) version of Opera 9.5, which follows after the snapshot release which took place a few days ago. Just a reminder to all Opera fans, a new default skin was added in the snapshot release (image above) and will be available in all the further versions. This new Opera is going to be in with competition with Firefox 3 and Internet Explorer 8.

Opera New Default Theme - Sharp

Opera 9.5 has been in beta stages for several months now, but with the release candidate release, things look much better now. Several new features have been added, and many bugs have been fixed. Here’s what Opera team had to say on this release:

You might have noticed we’ve focused on stabilizing the Opera 9.5 snapshots lately, waxing the new look and feel of Opera, improving performance, security and most of all fixing a lot of bugs. Almost two years after the release of Opera 9.0, Opera 9.5 is now (almost) ready to be released.

Opera now has a new feature called Opera Link technology, which allow users to synchronize their bookmarks between both Opera 9.5 desktop and Opera Mini.

Like all the other RCs, if no major issues are found, we can expect the final version to be out somewhere in June. Still no release date has been given by the Opera team, but it seems to be done very soon.

Download Opera 9.5 RC

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  • The cult favorite Opera browser is moving into the next cycle of browser ring. After beta testing, and before the final version, we get the release candidate for Windows and Mac OS.

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