WWDC 2008 Is Just 20 Hours Away

by on June 9, 2008
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WWDC 2008

Yay, WWDC 2008 is just 24 hours away now! The wait is finally going to get over. If you think you live on Mars, and don’t know what this is all about. Well, Apple’s new 3G iPhone (aka iPhone 2.0) is expected to be announced at WWDC, Apple’s developer event. I will hardly be able to sleep tonight. I’ve my eyes jammed on TechCrunch and Engadget for the live coverage and news of WWDC. It will be starting today (Yes, it’s 9th July here already) at 10:00AM PT / 1:00PM ET. I really wish I could attend this. WWDC is going to be the most over-covered event of the year!

The rumours are just endless! Hundreds of fake images (claiming to be real) of 3G iPhone are available on technology blogs. Who knows, may be one of them might be the real one. Even I posted them (1, 2) some time back.

What do you say? Excited about the event? How many of you are actually going to stay awake for the event? :D

UPDATE: All new Apple product launches and other WWDC 2008 news will be covered here on Sizzled Core. Don’t miss them!

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