WWDC 08: Kicks In An Hour! Free Gift Bag Given

WWDC 2008 is about to start in a few hours and kick off with one of this year’s biggest events. Unlike previous years, this is the first time that WWDC (WorldWide Developer’s Conference) 2008 is completely sold out, so you can expect the hype it has created and how massive it’s going to be. A good news for Sizzled Core readers is that I will be covering all the latest Apple product launches and WWDC 2008 news here.

Just an hour left (check your local time), and I wish I had more eyes to keep track of all the live coverages available LOL. Here’s a list of all the best sources where you can catch the live coverage of WWDC 2008.

Thanks to iPhoneBuzz’s keynote, I just got a quick video clip of a gift bag that Apple is giving out to all the attendees. What I saw inside the bag was that it has an Apple t-shirt.

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