Password Protect Images With LockImage

Recently, I had some pictures on my computer which I didn’t want anyone else to see and hence, started Googling for some freeware that could do the job. Although, there are other methods that could have done the job, like locking folders without any software, hiding files in a JPEG or by making invisible folders. But I was looking something more specific for my images only. So, in the end what I found was LockImage.

Password Protect Your Images with LockImage

LockImage is an open-source application that can be used to password-protect images and can be opened on another computer without the need of the application itself. It protects an image by converting it into a password-protected executable and you can view them in an embedded image viewer. The only downside of this application is that images once turned into password-protected executable, cannot be converted back to standard images.

How To Password Protect Images With LockImage

The compressed installation package contains of just one file, and no installation is required. Simply extract it anywhere in your PC, and run the EXE file LockImage.exe. From the file-menu, select Open and open the image you want to protect. Then again from the file-menu, select Save As and choose the location where you want the image-executable to be saved. Then you will be prompted to type the password for the image twice and click OK. You will now see a new executable which contains your image and is password-protected.

Another thing I didn’t liked about this application is that once the executable is created, emaiIing it could be a problem since many email services do not allow EXE files. But compression tools like SecureZIP can always come in handy.

Download LockImage (8.6 KB)

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  • Nice find, this will definitely help me protect the pictures I do not want to share with anyone :)

  • Great Tool, will defiantly help in protecting Photos.

  • Cool tool indeed. The other way is password protect your pictures and allow viewing for members only (you can do this on major photo hosting sites).

  • Anonymous

    Use a password to protect my computer.