Gmail Labs: Experimental Features Now Live

by on June 7, 2008
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Gmail team is always on one thing or the other. Yesterday, they rolled out Gmail Labs, a portal for all the upcoming and experimental Gmail features. These experimental features are developed by the Google employees as their personal projects for Gmail. With Gmai Labs, you can browse and try all the upcoming Gmail features that are still in development. Google engineers created these features for Gmail in their 20% time. So some of the features are not completely stable and need some more work.

Gmail Labs

How To Try Gmail Labs Experimental Features

If you would like to try these new Gmail Labs features, go to Gmail Settings and click on Labs. There you will see about 13 experimental features which you can use.


My favourite features are Quick Links and Mouse Gestures. Other features include:

  • Superstars
  • Pictures in chat
  • Fixed width font
  • Custom keyboard shortcuts
  • Signature tweaks
  • Random signature
  • Custom date formats
  • Muzzle
  • Old snakey
  • Email addict
  • Hide unread count

You can find some of these features as Greasemonkey scripts, but it would be awesome to use them as built-in features.

Emergency Exit

You can freely use these beta features, but Google engineers have given a warning that any feature may “change, break or disappear” in the future. If at any time, a Labs feature breaks, and you have trouble logging in, you can use the escape hatch to access Gmail normally by disabling all Labs features. Bookmark the following link for safety:

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