YouTube Adds Video Annotations And Gets Interactive

YouTube has recently added a new feature called Video Annotations, which allow users to make more interactive videos using annotations and bubble messages. You can now add interactive comment boxes, messages, text in bubbles, links to related videos, channels and search results of YouTube content.

YouTube Annotations

Flickr users must be already familiar with this feature as Flickr allows you to add annotations to the photos we upload, but at YouTube we deal with videos, not photos. So it’s way more fun to do in YouTube. Users will have full control over the annotations and the way in which they display in the videos. They are very easy to customize. You can change the size, location on the screen, and location in the video. You can also adjust how long they stay on the screen. And if you don’t want any distractions during the video, you can turn this feature off from the player menu.

You can watch this Card Trick video, which is one of the first videos on YouTube to use video annotations. Others include Shell Game and Sky Diving videos.

We’re really looking forward to the endless ways you’ll annotate your videos and will add more fun tools and features soon!

One feature that I’d want them to add in annotations is the ability to link to other websites other than YouTube content. Video annotations can be really helpful for tutorial videos providing links and extra information for every step.

The catch during the beta test is that annotated video only appears on videos playing directly on YouTube and not embedded videos on other sites. May be they’ll enable this later, like they said above.

[via Google Operating System]

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