Orkut Adds Themes And Photo Tagging Features

by on June 6, 2008
in Internet, Social Networks

Orkut official theme

Orkut, one of the largest social-networks, recently came up with two new features for its users. Some of you must have noticed the Change Theme button at the top bar in your profiles. That applies only for some profiles that have got the official themes feature in their accounts. Yes, Orkut has officially added themes. According to the Orkut Blog, they have launched a set of 12 themes, out of which 10 are active, including the default Orkut Blue theme.

Unlike the old themes (1,2) I’ve been blogging about, these theme will be viewable by you and all your friends. Soon enough, this feature will be expanded to Orkut users from other countries as well.


Another feature that Orkut has recently added is the photo-tagging feature. If you have been a Facebook user as well, then this feature is no different than that. You can tag your friends in pictures, so that it’s easier for them to find in what pictures they are tagged.

How To Tag Someone In A Picture

  • Open the picture from your albums
  • Click the “add tag” link at the bottom.
  • Select the area of the photo which you wish to tag and enter the name of the person.

If you don’t want your friends to tag you in pictures, you can disable this feature from your Privacy settings.

For some reason, unlike Facebook, Orkut doesn’t show who has been tagged in a picture. May be they’ll add this later. I’m hoping to see more great features in Orkut by the next week.

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  • Must give credit to orkut to atleast trying to catchup with facebook.

  • photo tagging feature is interestin :)

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