Opera 9.5 Snapshot With New Default Skin

by on June 6, 2008
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Yesterday, a preview “snapshot” version of Opera 9.5 was released and along that, came another surprise for all the Opera fans. Opera 9.5 is almost ready for the official final release, and will be out anytime this month. A makeover was needed for Opera, because the current ‘Classic’ skin has been on for several years now. The new skin that has been added as the default skin is named as ‘Sharp‘ and is currently available in the latest snapshot release of Opera 9.5.

Opera New Default Theme - Sharp

The new skin features a dark metallic look for Opera, and since I love metallic colours, I’m loving this theme. I feel the tab buttons are a little bigger than they should be. May be that’s because I’m used to thin Firefox tabs. And the close button, at the upper right corner of every tab is also very small. I hope they make it bigger in the final release.

Overall, this new skin goes well according to my taste and the dark metallic look makes it even more interesting. You can try it yourself by downloading Opera 9.5 Snapshot from below.


Download Opera 9.5 Snapshot for Windows

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  • I tried this version, looks good, but Opera is not able to create the Buzz like Firefox 3

  • I use Opera at college for it’s extremely handy Ctrl + H feature which hides all the windows and places it in the system bar, a lifesaver!

  • If my Firefox crashes too much, Opera is my saviour. The new skin looks fantastic!

  • @Syahid:
    What OS are you using? I use Firefox 2.0.14 on Vista, and it crashes a lot. But it works fine on XP.

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  • Josh

    I prefer the Classic Skin of Opera (versions 9.27, and previous).