15 Cool Windows 7 Screenshots Surfacing The Internet

Since I did my last post on Windows 7, I’ve been in search of various ‘possible’ Windows 7 screenshots I could find online. During my search, I stumbled across one big article at CrunchGear which had about 15 screenshots of Windows 7, and believe me… They looked very yummy enough to try them out. I wish I can get a leaked copy of Windows 7 from some where :D I’m dying to try it out.

You can see those images below:

Windows 7 screenshot

Windows 7 screenshot

Windows 7 screenshot

Windows 7 screenshot

Windows 7 screenshot

Windows 7 screenshot

Windows 7 screenshot

Windows 7 screenshot

Windows 7 screenshot

Windows 7 screenshot

Windows 7 screenshot

Windows 7 screenshot

Windows 7 screenshot

Windows 7 screenshot

Windows 7 screenshot

P.S. Sorry, no high-resolution images were available.

[Via CrunchGear]

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  • Anirudh

    These are purely fake. Sorry.

    Even crunchgear admitted they were fake. If you like this, you’ll find more where they came from – deviantart.

  • @Anirudh:
    Oh.. Thanks for letting me know. May be I missed the part which said they were fake. Damn Photoshop-ers!

  • yea they are not real, but i wouldnt call it fake , they are simply concept designs, you’ll never know someone might acutally make it into a theme. *hint hint* microsoft team.

  • These are art pics from DevianArt. Probably, Crunch Gear got a gazillion diggs and tons of traffic from their post (and links from many sources) before they spilled the beans.

    Perhaps Microsoft’s photocopiers will imitate the devian art pics? Then those guys should probably sue Microsoft for copyright infringement (oh, what was I saying? This is devian art….)

  • Fake or not, I say what I said before!

    Mac anyone? ;)

    I’m typing this on a macbook, soooo not biased at all.

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  • Sweet jesus i wish these were real…

  • Sweet. Those are pretty good shots.

  • Joe Jonas

    They are fake But microsoft may be inspired to make a new windows(R) opertaing System from those images like
    New Ideas
    Better Things
    =Windows 7 Ultimate

    That dosnt equal windows 7 but it may equal somthing newer that may come out in future

  • dennis

    Maby it come in windows 7 final, if we no send all a mail!!!!!!!! to MS

    This very cool!!!!!!!

  • Anathian

    Yeah, these are fake but you can download a free 1 year evaluation copy of Windows 7 from Microsoft. If you want real screenshots and video footage go to their website.

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  • Me

    M$ should make note of these concepts and bring them to frution.
    they can call it Windows 7 Uber Edition

  • Yes, I have seen tons of Windows 7 Wallpapers and I am not even sure how the real one looks like (I am sure Windows 7 is released :P )

  • top

    cool. i wish those photos are real!

  • ramin

    Sweet. Those are pretty good shots.

  • axe

    well…if you combine object dock,iconx,window blinds,google desktop,windows fx,logon studio,cursorFX and some other gadgets she could be real…but all those programms require a lot of ram and processor speed.so not recomended on slower computers…maybe on vista ready computer with XP.

  • axe

    you can also digg some windows media player skins or winamp skins.and install ClockX and windows live toolbar and find some cool wallpapers and screensavers.Give it a try…and enjoy your fake cool windows 7 that runs like a slug…

    :-)………. :-P…….

  • May these pics come into reality… the whole world of windows will then change…….see how it looks. its lovely :D

  • no comment

  • Dreamer

    May hope so… But i think, we have to wait a lot long

  • Josh

    These dont look like the windows 7 in the tour. Look at the 10th photo. It says it stops in 2008 when it wasnt out then. they didnt even start with it then!

  • PUMA

    I love all of the pictures but they are all fake (maybe windows 8 will be like on these pictures)

  • williamdowd

    Ok so heres what we do, ” we take the worst operating system ever, we amp it up with some like MAC tools and then re-release it and sell the update for more cash than you had to pay for VISTA upgrade? ” Fuck windows……